Film Review: “Get Out” produced by Jordan Peele

The smash box office hit "Get Out" captivated the audience  with its creatively arranged and mysterious  plot moving  in sync to its unsuspecting climax with dazzling listeners.  A cleverly, well organized film in which the  cinematography quickly contrast from the noisy back drop of city life to   the beautifully landscaped  countryside travel to an … Continue reading Film Review: “Get Out” produced by Jordan Peele


In The Spirit With Susan Taylor:

By Zarata Hickman-Scott   "We believe that we are not enough and God has already put everything on the banquet table just before us"! "I want to see healing take place all over the country", said Susan Taylor, National Director Cares Mentoring. "The problems are not unique, they are spiritual problems. There are spiritual problems … Continue reading In The Spirit With Susan Taylor:

American Idols

  America is a country that is filled with idols and gods.  Everyone and everything is being exalted on high.  Jay-Z is a god and an idol to many.  Beyonce, Tommy Hilfiger, Lebron James, drugs, alcohol, cars, clothes, sports and the list goes on and on.  Is there anything wrong with honoring those who have … Continue reading American Idols