American Idols

America is a country that is filled with idols and gods.  Everyone and everything is being exalted on high.  Jay-Z is a god and an idol to many.  Beyonce, Tommy Hilfiger, Lebron James, drugs, alcohol, cars, clothes, sports and the list goes on and on.  Is there anything wrong with honoring those who have become wealthy and by the world’s standard made it to the top?  No! Of course not.  God has blessed them.  Lebron James and Michael Jordan are probably two of the world’s greatest athletes, but can they make manna come down from heaven???…………and besides, what have they done for you lately?  In fact, what has any of these celebrities, clothes, cars, drugs or sports done for you lately?  There is a very thin line between honoring and worshipping gods rather than the one true God.

What is worshipping?  Worship is w hen an individual takes his mind…

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The Miserable Life of an Addict:

When I arise to the morning sun, I immediately prepare my morning fix. I check my message to see who called in the late hours of the night. If I am running low, I’ll make a run to Philly to make sure I have enough to last a few days.  The rest of the day I’ll enjoy by doing nothing. I just enjoy my high. This is considered a good day for a heroin addict. Everything is alright as long as I have money and heroin, although the bad days are a completely different story. When I do not have money or heroin, the only thing I’m concerned about is getting more heroin so I can function that day. If I run out, I’m facing a nightmare that seems like an eternity. My body would hurt all over and every pore would crave the chemical. I would become so weak…

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Let’s Talk Money: Think twice Before Tapping you 401(k)

By Chris Webb At first, glance, taking a loan from your 401(k) plan seems easy and efficient. After all, interest rates on the amount you borrow may be low and you're really only borrowing from yourself. Or you might consider taking an outright withdrawal, figuring that you have many years to continue saving for retirement. … Continue reading Let’s Talk Money: Think twice Before Tapping you 401(k)

Resurrection of the Dead: Only By God’s Permission!

Resurrection is a  hard thing to believe.................but don't make a "hard" thing an "impossible" thing to believe.  Spring in itself is a testimony of God's power of resurrection.  In actuality, the resurrection doctrine is put to the test in our daily lives.  The sun sets and then resurrects itself daily by God's permission.  The moon … Continue reading Resurrection of the Dead: Only By God’s Permission!