American Idols

America is a country that is filled with idols and gods.  Everyone and everything is being exalted on high.  Jay-Z is a god and an idol to many.  Beyonce, Tommy Hilfiger, Lebron James, drugs, alcohol, cars, clothes, sports and the list goes on and on.  Is there anything wrong with honoring those who have become wealthy and by the world’s standard made it to the top?  No! Of course not.  God has blessed them.  Lebron James and Michael Jordan are probably two of the world’s greatest athletes, but can they make manna come down from heaven???…………and besides, what have they done for you lately?  In fact, what has any of these celebrities, clothes, cars, drugs or sports done for you lately?  There is a very thin line between honoring and worshipping gods rather than the one true God.

What is worshipping?  Worship is w hen an individual takes his mind…

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