By Zarata Hickman-Scott


“We believe that we are not enough and God has already put everything on the banquet table just before us”! “I want to see healing take place all over the country”, said Susan Taylor, National Director Cares Mentoring. “The problems are not unique, they are spiritual problems. There are spiritual problems in every city in this country”. Schools are underserved for African American, Latino communities. There is an increasing prison population and no real answers to help people get their lives together. We have more and more youngsters dropping out of schools. We have teachers that are underpaid all over the country which is the most noble profession that anyone could ever have. How can teachers be paid less than sanitation workers? We have the issue of health care in the wealthiest country in the world and 40 million people in disproportionate numbers?

Q: Why is the resistance there?

A: “Because we are sleeping”, replied Susan Taylor. “We are don’t hold our politicians accountable. We allow the government to do whatever the governments want to with our tax dollars. We are sleeping and we are stressed. As people, we are so focused on our own depression that we don’t think we are enough,” explained Ms. Taylor. “We don’t think our lives are working. Most people are walking around not feeling good about themselves believing if only……… If only I had more money. If only I had a child. …If only I had the job, if only I were more beautiful, If only I was tall or short. It’s not any of that,” commented Ms. Taylor. “It’s our thinking! We believe that we are not enough and God has put everything on the banquet table just before us. All we need is a plan, tenacity and the never giving up spirit. a lot of people don’t want to do the work, the hard work that comes with success.”

Q: What is the problem?

A: “Dr. Joy Drury-Leary calls it Post-traumatic slavery syndrome. We haven’t healed from the trauma that was rendered against us. Not for 10 or 100 years but for 250 years and plus another 130 years because the 1960’s we had civil rights acts that enforced laws that should have been in place a long time ago,” stated Taylor. “We are in spiritual crisis because our values are obscure. Society is looking outward instead of looking inward. We can’t blame the Middle East,” states Susan. “We are in spiritual crisis because our values are obscure. We value things and money over people. It’s the soul of the nation,” replied Ms. Taylor, “because no one in American is really happy. There’s no hope in the future, jobs are disappearing, we are afraid to grow old because of the lack of support for the elderly. There is no confidence in health care, no capital for entrepreneurial projects, there is difficulty in paying for education. Corporations have a role to play. It should be people over profits”, replied Susan Taylor.

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