America is a country that is filled with idols and gods.  Everyone and everything is being exalted on high.  Jay-Z is a god and an idol to many.  Beyonce, Tommy Hilfiger, Lebron James, drugs, alcohol, cars, clothes, sports and the list goes on and on.  Is there anything wrong with honoring those who have become wealthy and by the world’s standard made it to the top?  No! Of course not.  God has blessed them.  Lebron James and Michael Jordan are probably two of the world’s greatest athletes, but can they make manna come down from heaven???…………and besides, what have they done for you lately?  In fact, what has any of these celebrities, clothes, cars, drugs or sports done for you lately?  There is a very thin line between honoring and worshipping gods rather than the one true God.

What is worshipping?  Worship is w hen an individual takes his mind, body, and soul into a realm of adoring, saluting and honoring wholeheartedly someone or something.  There are some songs that are so captivating, so beautiful that when an individual sings them, his or her soul gets caught up in the words and music in admiration and adoration………….which is a form of worship.  What have you been worshipping lately?  What have you been adoring and giving adulations to?  Has it been an individual, a song or an item?  Michael Jordan shoots a ball through a hoop, Jay-Z sings rap and hip hop songs……and souls, minds, and bodies are caught up and exults in these songs, but who gives these individuals the very breath which they breathe?  The breathe to sing, to move, to think, to be? Beyonce shakes it up and down with fewer and fewer clothes each time she comes out on stage.  How many young ladies want to be like Beyonce?  …..More than you could possibly imagine, I’m sure…….but what has she done for young girls lately, besides promote promiscuity, sexually unleashed passions and nakedness?  Tommy Hilfiger is a god of the clothing industry.  Individuals pay inordinate amounts of money to experience the Hilfiger feeling.  T-shirts, jeans, shoes are all a part of the feeling.  Hilfiger has become rich off individuals honoring and worshipping his brand of clothes.  Alcohol is another god besides God.  The world has made the Cutty Sark industry extremely rich with its glittering generosities and dazzling advertisements.  What has alcohol done for you lately, besides give you liver and kidney damage and break up families and cause traffic fatalities?   Wherever your treasures are, there will your heart be also.  Black people are broke because we worship idols.  “Thou shall have no other gods before me.” I’m going to say that again:   Black people are broke because we worship idols and are still disobedient.  Everyone has become so confused under satan’s magnificent scheme that they don’t know what’s right anymore!  Let’s make it simple!  Worship the creator………not the creature!


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